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Super POG™ How to Remove Stains and Clean "Lipstick Loads"
Super POG is made with Amyl Acetate, one of the most effective, yet safe chemicals available to the drycleaning spotter. However, Super POG does much more than Amyl Acetate. When you put Amyl Acetate on a stain that contains pigment dye, such as, nail polish, or lipstick, while you may remove the stain, you have nothing to suspend the pigment dyes. This can allow the dye to redeposit onto other parts of the garment.

Super POG is very effective at removing these same types of stains, however, the unique formulation actually suspends these pigment dyes and prevents them from redepositing onto the garment. Super POG™ is designed to remove these types of stains and more:

• Nail Polish
• Lipstick
• Crayon
• Paint
• Oils
• Grease
• Make-up
• Tar
• Shoe Polish

DIRECTIONS: Use Super POG in the following manner to successfully remove stains.

1. Place a white cotton towel under the garment to be spotted.
2. Apply Super POG onto the stain and work the chemical into the stain with a spatula or brush until the stain is loosened or dissolves. If, the stain bleeds, flush with a Volatile Dry Spotter until the bleeding stops.
3. Either flush with a Volatile Dry Spotter, or dryclean as soon as possible.

DIRECTIONS: Use Super POG in the following manner to successfully clean “Lipstick Loads.”

1. Put the clothes back into the wheel.
2. Add 64 ounces of Super POG for each 10 gallons of solvent you need to fill the wheel to a low level.
3. Run on a batch, or mill for 30 minutes.
4. Dump the solvent to the still.
5. Re-clean the load on a normal cleaning cycle.


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