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GREENCare™ Injection Detergent with Fabtex™, N-Ta Germ™, and Much More for Use in GreenEarth® Solvent FEEL THE DIFFERENCE™
Get ready to see and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE in your clothes cleaning by using the most remarkable injection detergent ever developed for use in GreenEarth® Solvent! GREENCare is an injection detergent that contains ingredients to help you produce clothes that remove water-soluble soil, feel better, and reduce finishing time. You will notice a difference in your cleaning with the very first load.

What makes GREENCare different?

GREENCare can do what any detergent should, it will remove a large amount of the water-soluble soil from the clothes. But, clothes need more than just cleaning, they need to have the body and hand restored so they feel just like they did when they were new. GREENCare can do that! Some garments, such as soft wools are supposed to be soft. But other garments need to have body. Leaving these types of garments soft is not a benefit because some can actually feel limp and lifeless.

GREENCare contains Fabtex™ which will give a noticeable and improved feel and hand to the clothes. Fabtex makes the garments press easier, faster, and restores the “new” feel to the garments that your customers desire. Fabtex almost has a mind of its own. Clothes that need to feel soft will continue to feel soft. But clothes that need body will have body, and feel great, not limp.

GREENCare also contains N-Ta Germ which will help to remove odors, including body odors, from clothes without leaving a masking fragrance in the garments. Your clothes will smell great because they have no smell, and that should appeal to everyone.


For GREENCare™ to work effectively, it is important that you follow our recommended process which includes a mill/batch cycle.

1. Prewash using the solvent from the last cleaning cycle for 2-3 minutes and send that solvent to the still.
2. Fill the wheel with clean solvent, inject 2 ounces of GREENCare™per 10 pounds of clothes to be cleaned. Mill or batch the clothes for 5 ½ to 6 minutes, bypassing the filter.
3. Continue cleaning the clothes for an additional 8 to 9 minutes with the solvent going through the filters.
4. Drain that solvent into the tank to be used for the prewash of the next load. Extract, and then Dry


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